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Are You Ready For A New Challenge In Lost Land?
A lost island recorded in the ancestral scroll reappeared on the night when the comet descended. Despite the catastrophe, opportunities present themselves to the fated. My Sultan, recruit brave Heroes to tackle the treacherous paths ahead! Build a fearless army and forge alliances! Embark on a new journey to conquer the lost land now!

:: Features ::
● Real-time warfare! PvP battles could happen on your territory at any moment.
● Mighty Heroes armed with powerful skills await you!
● Prestige for the strongest sultan! Raise your City's Prestige to unlock unique Prestige Skills and crush your enemies!
● Jazz up your City with a variety of skins and gain attribute boosts while showing off your sense of style!
● Summon unique pets and feed them to raise their levels! Crimson Dragon, White Wolf, Cheetah, Lion, and others await you!
● Freely migrate between Kingdoms to find one that suits your play style.
● Take part in Sovereign Strife - a battlefield for the true sovereign that transcends the universe.
● Take over Provinces and expand your Guild's influence to receive awesome rewards and earn bragging rights!
● Take enemies as captives for special Province bonuses, but beware of getting captured yourself!
● No ruler is complete without a palace. Become a King and conquer a Palace of your own, while enjoying privileges like renaming the Kingdom, and more!
● Solve puzzles on treasure hunt islands to rescue your princess and become a puzzle master!
● Strong allies are your key to survival. Join a powerful guild, or start one of your own!
● Interact with other players from around the world - join our community and chat with anyone from anywhere with real-time translation!
● A well-managed city is the foundation of a mighty army! Upgrade buildings, research technologies, gather resources, train troops, and promote Heroes to stay ahead!

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Version history

v5.3.2 Update Notes:
1. UI improvements
2. Bug fixes
5.3.0 version updates:
1. New feature: Custom avatar
2. New feature: Daily First Store Purchase Reward
3. 5 new building skins added to the Red Flame Imperial City theme
4. Optimized features:
- Uniformly open 8-hour shield during game maintenance
- Add skip animation option for Monument Scouring
- Changed to Auto-Toss for Toss and Win event
5. Optimized UI
6. Other experience optimizations and bug fixes
v5.2.1 Update Notes:
1. UI improvements
5.2.0 Update Notes:
1. New feature: Hero Level Breakthrough
2. New feature: Inner City Building Themed Skins
3. New event: Monument Scouring
4. Optimized UI
5. Other optimizations and bug fixes
v5.1.0 Update Notes:
1. New Hero: Zaynab
2. New events: Sovereign of Storms, Wind and Sand Control
3. New Hero biographies: Burak, Hatim
4. Optimized UI
5. Other optimizations and bug fixes
Version 5.0.0 Updates:
1. New function: Kingdom Bounties
2. New function: Secondary password
3. Optimizations:
- Traveling Poet: Added Territory updates
- Castle Skin: You can choose to enable or hide Prestige effects
- Lost Lands - Chronicle Quest: Added Ancestral Altar Quests
- Might Increase: Added Hero Might tips
4. Interface optimizations
5. Other bug fixes and optimizations
Mar 16, 2023
v4.9.3 Update Notes:
1. New event: Ties That Bind
2. Feature Improvements:
- Optimized the login process
- Added Game Lobby access to the main interface
- Optimized the Tutorial
3. Interface optimization
4. User experience optimization and bug fixes
Feb 16, 2023
v4.9.2 Update Notes:
1. New feature: Super Luckster
2. New City skin: Winter's Wrath
3. New Hero Recruitment event: Famous Faces
4. New event: Cycle of Wealth
5. Feature improvements:
- SVIP Store merchandise adjustments
- Added Hero Chronicles: Zubaidah and Harun al-Rashid
6. Interface optimization
7. User experience optimization and bug fixes
Jan 7, 2023
v4.9.1 Update Notes:
1. Bug fixes
Dec 28, 2022
Nov 23, 2022
v4.8.1 Update Notes:
1. New feature: Hero Ascent
2. New feature: VIP Value Pack
3. New events: Login Goodies, Rebate Returns, Frenzy Deals
4. Various optimizations and bug fixes
Oct 28, 2022
v4.7.3 Update Notes:
1. Optimized the experience of Tap-n'-Match
Oct 26, 2022
v4.7.2 Update Notes:
1. New event: Tap-n'-Match
Sep 27, 2022
v4.7.1 Update Notes:
1. UI improvements
2. Bug fixes
Sep 9, 2022
v4.7.0 Update Notes:
1. New Pet: Elephant
2. New feature: Administration.
3. New feature: Kingdom Building.
4. Optimizations:
- Added Daily Quests, Ancestral Altar, Battleground Blessings, and Combat Tech to Lost Lands
- Added Milestone Quests and rewards to Friend Recruitment
- New Prestige Crest Might rankings
- Added Crest crafting, Lost Lands, and third-party ads to Achievements
- You can now Quench and Form more Crests.
Jul 28, 2022
v4.6.1 Update Notes:
1. New event: Gifts Galore
2. Bug fixes
Jul 11, 2022
v4.6.0 Update Notes:
1. New feature: Daily Treasure Hunt
2. New event: Darkway Chamber
3. Optimizations:
- Added content preview for Packs of different tiers in the Mall.
- Added discounts for buying "Daily Packs" bundles.
- Added the Comeback Monthly Pass and Connect the Lines to "Hero's Return".
- Added Likes feature to the "Leaderboards".
May 18, 2022
v4.5.1 Update Notes:
1. UI improvements
2. Bug fixes
May 11, 2022
v4.5.0 Update Notes:
1. New feature: Crest Quenching and Forging.
2. New events: Pack Bonus, Lucky Scratch-It.
3. Optimized Lost Lands: Added Divine Right and The Treasury on the battlefield.
4. Optimized Forge Crests: The target Crest can be replaced.
5. UI improvements
6. Bug fixes
March 31, 2022
v4.4.1 Update Notes:
1. Added special decorations for Ramadan
2. UI improvements
February 10, 2022
v4.3.3 Update Notes:
1. Bug fixes
February 5, 2022
v4.3.2 Update Notes:
1. Bug fixes
December 15, 2021
v4.2.0 Update Notes:
1. New Hero: Malik
2. New City skins: Petra, Stormy Spiral, Ice Age
3. Adjusted the Pet feature:
- Can be unlocked by reaching City Lv 3
- 7-Day Passes now include Food
4. Optimized the following:
- Packs at the Mall are categorized by tags
- Battle Report
- All Hands Together Tips Display
November 2, 2021
v4.1.0 Update Notes:
1. New hero: Zarqa al Yamama
2. New pet: Golden Horse
3. New operational event: Great Adventure
4. New feature: Troubadour (daily news)
5. New crests: Bursting Soul Crest, Conqueror Crest, Firepower Crest
6. New equipment sets: Greek, Immortal
7. Optimized Cargo Ship: added a new route
8. Optimized Benefits UI: added the source of events items
9. Optimized State Stratagem: added 3 new strategies of Kingdom Decree.
10. UI improvements

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