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Developer: 37GAMES
Category: Strategy, Casual
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Survive, thrive, conquer! Take charge of a paleolithic tribe, ensure their survival in a hostile world, and lead them to glory in Primal Conquest: Dino Era!

Hunt down prehistoric predators
Prehistoric life can be tough. If you don't want to fall into prey to fearsome beasts, you'd better start hunting them. The good news is, you might be able to tame some of them.

Tower Defense
Recruit units, set them up in towers, and defend your territory from waves of oncoming enemies! It's even better if you manage to tame some dinosaurs. Just don't let anyone get to your dinosaur eggs!

Merge Units
You can merge units to increase their power, but don't take too long! You'll need quick fingers and quicker reflexes if you want to keep intruders out of your village!

Build Your Village
Build a thriving village from the ground up! Secure your territories, ensure your tribe is safe and well fed, then expand outwards. The world is yours to conquer!

**Rally Your Forces
You won't find yourself alone in this primitive world. Rally your friends and battle against other players for control of resources and territory.

Fight Alongside Dinosaurs
You can capture and tame a huge variety of dinosaurs to fight alongside your forces. Upgrade your dinosaurs to become more powerful, and dominate the battlefield with their unstoppable might!

Version history

-fix some bugs

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