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It’s such a big world for the tiny ants! However, with the right decisions, your swarm might be able to dominate someone’s backyard!

—— Swarm Building 101 ——

[Insights of the world of ants]
Licensed by renowned natural science photography sites.
Thousands of HD photos of ants and their habitat.
Learn about the secrets of these tiny creatures while playing the game.

[Build your empire from scratch]
Expand your main nest and establish colonies!
Ants are probably the best architects in the wilds.
Connect the chambers by a complicated network of tunnels!

[Foster the strongest ants in your legion]
Collect different ants from all over the world!
Hatch different types of ants for your legions!
Crush the rival swarms with your elite soldiers!

[Battle over resources]
Collect water and food for your citizens!
Protect your nest against predators!

[Form alliance]
One for all, all for one!
Form alliance with friendly swarms.
Ensure survival through cooperation!

[Compete for the last tree stump!]
Lead your ant legions to victory!
Long live the queen, long live the swarm!

Version history

What's New:
1. Added T10 cells.
2. Added new skins for Ponerine and Harvester.
3. The Silver Weekly Pass now offers different duration options.
4. Earn flower rank rewards in Wetland Conflict and flower-sending rank rewards at each banquet.
What's New:
1. New Feature: Stickers. Activate stickers and use them in your chats. You can also select a marching queue and simply tap the sticker button to display the chosen sticker over the marching queue.
2. New Event: Wasteland Clash. Wasteland Clash and Pollen Battle will share grade points and exchange shops, and these two events will run in rotation.
What's New:
1. Improved combat performance; now you can replay certain battles in the Battle Report.
2. New Technology: Formation, unlockable at Queen Lv.28.
3. Added formations to march battles. The default formation is the Melee Soldier formation, and by researching the Formation technology, you can unlock new formations like the Ranged Soldier formation and Haste Soldier formation.
What's New:
1. New Feature: Legacy Evolution. Evolve your T7 Epic or higher legacies.
2. Added an Organ Tab to the Command Info Interface.
3. Added a Third Build Queue.
What's New:
1. Added the Dream Manor event.
2. Added Lv.41-45 Predators on the world map.
3. Added Lv.46-50 Predator Nests. Challenging Lv.43 or above Predator Nests now grants a chance to get Mimicking Jumper Shard/Velvet Ant Shard/Long Jaw Shard. Higher-level Predator Nests have higher drop rates.
What's New:
1. Added T10 genes.
2. Added new skins for the Meat Ant and Jumper ant.
3. Added an avatar frame to the rewards for the champion of the Elite Tournament.
What's New:
1. New Event: Elite Tournament. The first Elite Tournament will kick off on July 3rd.
2. Optimized the rules of Spore Meadow:
3. Added new buffs to several Lv. 36 or higher buildings.
What's New:
1. Totem Evolution available now.
2. State Protection: For 24 hours after you have completed a Global Relocation, you may not attack or launch rally against nests in the new state.
3. In a combination of Formation Sets, you may change the marching skin for each Formation separately.
What's New:
1. T9 Totem.
2. Achievement System: unlocks at Lv.40. You may get plenty rewards by unlocking. various achievements. (You may only make Achievement quest progress after the update)
3. New Skins for Longhorn, Brown Glider, Specialized Ant.
4. New Specialized Ants: Bronze Ant, Dasymutilla, Leptogenys Ant.
What's New
1. An "Allocate All" button has been added to Alliance Treasury, allowing the automatic allocation of resources to all members (by contribution high to low).
2. Regent may now allocate resources in Coffer.
3. Organ Upgrade Challenge is available in Dark Cavern.
4. New Chat Frame and Mail Background.
5. Different nest skin, background, nameplate, march skin now have different stars. Collect enough stars to activate skin level stats.
What's New:
1. Evolution for 8★+ Cells. Cell Evolution materials are available in Mantis Meat Exchange Shop.
2. Snail Organ Upgrade unlocks at Lv.35.
3. Specialized Ant skins: Gardener, Giant Ant, Amber Stinger.
4. New Legacies for Red Foot and Sugar Ant.
1. Alliance Shop Weekly Discount: random personal items on every Monday.
2. Mantis Cave: collect enough Mantis Meat in Mantis Cave to claim rewards.
3. Legacies of Mimicking Jumper, Long Jaw, Velvet Ant. Their Ambers can be found in Choice Chests from Lucky Draw event.
What's New:
1. Some players will have to get approval before they can relocate across servers.
2. Information of the Legacy of the highest quality you have already owned will be displayed on the Amber Choice Chest interface.
Mar 15, 2023
What's New:
1. Gene Evolve: T8 Gene can evolve now. Gene Evolve materials can be purchased from Dark Cavern Shop.
2. There are 4 tiers of leagues in Alliance Showdown: Novice League, Basic League, Intermediate League, Advanced League.
3. Commander level cap raised to Lv.80.
Mar 1, 2023
Feb 22, 2023
What's New:
1. T9 Gear
Jan 12, 2023
What's New:
1. More Dark Cavern levels (including Gene, Cell, Insect Farm)

1. Spore Meadow Grade Lv.30-40 is now divided into two Grades, Lv.30-34 and Lv.35-40.
2. Marching animation on world map now looks more natural.
Jan 4, 2023
1. T9 Cell unlocked
Dec 28, 2022
Dec 16, 2022
Fixed numerous bugs.
Dec 1, 2022
Fixed numerous bugs.
Nov 17, 2022
Update Notes:
What's New:
1. Evolution for 8★+ Gear unlocked.
a. Use Gear Evo-Fungus to evolve gear stats.
b. Use Fixed Evo-Fungus to select stat type to evolve. Selected stat will only be replaced when value is higher.

1. When there is a limit for an obtainable event item, a counter for items obtained every day will be displayed.
2. Arena - Legion Combat: default army bug fixed.
Oct 27, 2022
Patch Note:
What's New:
1. T9 Gene unlocked
2. Dark Cavern - Insect Challenge Stages increased to 140
3. Daily Event Calendar
1. Rankings removed from Bug Flipper event.
2. Collect Larvae event requirements on points adjusted.
3. Display of Wasteland edge tiles optimized.
Oct 13, 2022
What's New:
1. Legacy Trial in Dark Cavern is available every Monday.
2. A new larva collecting quest of Ace Ant is available every Wednesday.
1. Humus is available in Diamond Shop. Mysterious Crystal has been moved to Curio tab.
Sep 28, 2022
Patch Notes:

What's New:
1. Queen level cap increased to Lv.40.
2. T6 Builder Gear and Researcher Gear unlocked.
3. Dark Cavern: added more Insect Challenge levels.
4. Lv.41 - 45 Predator Nest unlocked.

1. Lure Trap event Rally List refresh rules updated.
Sep 21, 2022
Fixed the problem of abnormal Facebook login
Sep 1, 2022
What's New:
1. Battle Division Chat Channel (Pollen Battle, Spore Meadow, Global Stump Contest)
2. Alliance Tech: Alliance Skill. Unlockable in Alliance Tech, can be used by leader and officials to gain additional effects.
3. Legacy - Shattered Resin Shop items: T4 Mythic Meat Ant Legacy, T4 Mythic Doorkeeper Legacy, Mythic Legacy Choice Box, Epic Legacy Choice Box.
Aug 16, 2022
1. The order of events shown in Event Center adjusted: now it goes by ongoing, timed, and upcoming.
2. Skin page description: The more skins you activate, the more stats you get.
Aug 2, 2022
1. Specialized Ants
2. Specialized Ant Legacy
3. The ranking of some of the events has been adjusted to be based on percentage. Requirements for points earning and the event rewards are adjusted.
4. Death Ant Shard is now included in the Awards for Grade Diamond, Legend, and Gold.
5. Command will be increased while a Specialized Ant is Evolved from 7-star to 8-star.
Jul 14, 2022
What's New
1. Added T8 Combat Gear.
1. Added various supply monthly cards.
Jun 29, 2022
1. Added T8 Cells.
2. You may send anonymous gifts to alliance members now.
3. Added "Insect Farm Progress" to Daily Must-Dos.
4. Added "Get Egg 1x" to Daily Quests.
5. New Specialized Ants: Velvet Ant, Mimicking Jumper, and Long Jaw.
Jun 15, 2022
Optimized Repel Invaders performance
May 26, 2022
What's New
1. Added T8 Gene.
2. Added Carpenter Legacy.
Varies with device
November 26, 2021
1. You can now clear the cooldown of the Aid Specialized Ant function.

1. Adjusted the Maximum Army Scale of War Specialized Ants.
2. Adjusted the stats of Predators & Elite Guards.
3. Optimized the interface of Specialized Ant Boost.

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