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Forge your tribe with cities and outposts on the map and push the border against global competitors. Challenges await, prepare your warriors for a big hunt!

Come to experience the most original PVE and PVP battle in this new free MMO Strategy Game. Ally with your friends, and be Brutal in the prehistoric party!

• Build & Expand your territory and Burn your rival’s land
• Zoom the map smoothly, and see every detail on the map.
• Choose your Horde and fight in wars with global players!
• Train 15+ unique barbarian clan troops with specialties.
• Terraform your land into mountain, lake, forest or swamp.
• Hunt Mammoths, Sabertooths, Treant and all the Ancient Monsters
• Conquer the Wonder to become the Chieftain of all chiefs!

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Version history

1. New Legendary 5-Star Partner "Princess Necro" and Featured Artifact "Skull Crown."
2. "Halloween Boo-nanza" coming soon.
3. 6th Awakening available for Elven Prince; new skin "Star Rider" arrives.
4. New "Amber Magic Turtle" summons in Divination Platform. Easier access to 5-Star Partners!
5. New season of Peak Ranked Match starts on October 30.

1. Improved text display in Partner pop-up windows.
1. New Golden Flamen, Yellow Emperor - Xuanyuan.
2. New march effect - Eye of the Storm.
3. New outpost decoration - Supreme Outback Traveler.
4. Autumn's Tribute event starts soon.
5. New event, Rise of Honor, starts soon.
6. Featured Partners Leviathan, Phantom Assassin, Monk Chadric, Voodoo Specter, back for a limited time.

1. Early Artifact "Root of Yggdrasil" enhanced.
2. Enhanced Leviathan and Bloodthirsty Warmaiden.
- Fixed some minor bugs
1. Equipment-related functions moved to a new Stronghold building.
2. New Mist Treasures arrive.
3. Artifact Zodiac event coming soon!
4. Phantom Assassin, Executor added to Diamond, Golden Magic Turtle Partner pools, respectively.
5. New event: Challenge Season.

1. Save current War Patterns as a set with one tap.
2. Modified recipes in Old Bald Smithy.
3. Modified items and pricing in Crystal Store.
4. Added a pop-up for when troops cannot arrive in time to join a rally.
- Fixed some minor bugs:
1. Fixed the bug that there is an empty in the chat bar.
2. Fixed the bug that the limits of authority for the Photo of the Custom Avatar.
3. Fixed the bug that the cannot auto-translate in the chat bar.
4. Fixed the bug that the War Pattern abnormally showed when turning off the War Pattern.
5. Fixed the bug that cannot use the Broken Ocarina in the pack.
1. New Partner, Dragon Gladiator, new Artifact - Spear of Conquest.
2. Upload custom avatars.
3. New auto defense function for Partners in Stronghold.
4. Raise War Pattern capacity.
5. Phantom Assassin skin - Dark Enchantress.
6. Real Time Duel (S20) starts September 3.

1. Artifact Zodiac user experience optimized.
2. Send emojis in chat.
3. Removed troop's use of Meat.
4. Horde Plunder, Best Horde Protector, Kill Plunderers now take place on Fridays.
1. New Horde Invasion tournament begins.
2. New Clan Crest feature is here.
3. Stronghold building level cap raised to 35.
4. 6th Awakening available for Phantom Assassin, Bloodthirsty Warmaiden, Blaz‘axe.
5. Clear cache option added to settings page.

1. Partners, War Patterns, and Artifacts in saved Ranked Match defense formations are now independent of external changes.
2. Optimized decompose page for Treasures, Dragon Seals, and Equipment.
1. New Golden Flamen.
2. New outpost decoration.
3. Featured Partners back for a limited time.

1. Enhanced Elven Prince and Prophet.
2. Added a reclaim countdown for time-limited teleport items.
- Fixed some minor bugs
- Fixed some minor bugs
- Fixed some minor bugs
1. Dragon Boat Festival event.
2. 4th to 6th Awakening and new skin "Butterfly Fairy" for Zither Goddess.
3. New march effect "Starlight - Legacy."

1. Changes to Trial Grounds stages and store.
2. You can now log in using a password.
1. New Flamen - "Emperor Yan - Shennong."
2. 5-Star Equipment.
3. Outpost decoration - "Supreme Dragoncall Altar."
4. Featured Partners, Phantom Assassin, Monk Chadric, Babur the Tiger King, Syren the Mermaid, back for a limited time.
5. Voodoo Specter, Monk Chadric, Valor the Tusk added to Amethyst, Diamond, and Golden Magic Turtle Partner pools, respectively.
6. New VIP benefit: friend cap increased.
7. Lv. 11-20 now available for Dragonkin High Talents.
1. "Rock Treasures" event.
2. "Vibrant Spring" event.
3. 4th to 6th Awakening and new skin "Monkey King" for Monk Chadric.
4. New Viler & Duller skin - "Crystal Wyrm."
5. Scoring feature added to Dragon Seals and Treasures.
6. New leaderboard showing individual battle rankings for a Temple.

1. Adjusted the difficulty of Trial Grounds.
1. Death Flamen "God of the Underworld - Hades".
2. Eid al-Fitr Event
3. Two new Becoming runes for Becoming-Evolution.
4. New Outpost Decoration "Supreme Lava Fury".
5. Zither Goddess, Sworddevil, Voodoo Specter and Thana the Vampire return for a limited time.

1. Buffed Zither Goddess and Medusa.
2. Buffed the Snowfury Scepter and Heart of the Sea artifacts.
Mar 15, 2023
- Fixed some minor bugs
Mar 7, 2023
1. New Partner "Phantom Assassin."
2. Babur the Tiger King skin "Doom Skull."
3. New season of Peak Ranked Match starts March 20th.
4. Sworddevil, Babur the Tiger King, and Blind Judge added to Amethyst, Diamond, and Golden Magic Turtle pools, respectively.

1. Optimized Peak Ranked Match's tier mechanism, reducing the points needed to reach Legendary.
Feb 28, 2023
1. New Artifact Zodiac feature.
2. New Partner Adventure feature, "Trial Grounds."
3. New march effect.
4. New functions: Partner preset and War Pattern sets.
5. 4th to 6th Awakening now available for Babur the Tiger King.

1. Rules for determining winners in Jungle Raids.
2. Wish Stone usage limit.
Jan 29, 2023
1. 4th Frostfire Land Tournament.
2. 5-Star Dragon Seals.
3. New War Flamen.
4. Special skills added to Dragonkin advancement.
5. Valentine's Day events.
6. New outpost decoration.
7. Featured Partners back for a limited time.

1. Enhanced certain skills of Partners "Monk Chadric," "Bape."
2. Enhanced certain effects of Artifacts "Impervious Fortress," "Dragonblood Armor."
3. Improved Dragonkin advancement's special effects.
Dec 29, 2022
Dec 16, 2022
1. Dragonkin advancement.
2. Achievement for collecting Dragonkin skin set.
3. New outpost decoration.
4. Christmas Carnival event.
5. New Year's event.
6. Sworddevil and other Feature Partners return.

1. Default starting point for a rally march is now the nearest outpost.
2. Enhanced skill effects of Babur the Tiger King, Marionette.
3. Reduced the Gem cost of healing wounded troops in Strongest Barbarian.
4. Improved Jungle Raid.
5. Fixed lagging in Mine Island.
Nov 29, 2022
1. New Saintess Flamen "Goddess of Love - Aphrodite."
2. New Runeword "Becoming-Dawn" and new Runes.
3. New feature, "Cave of Runes." Exchange surplus Runes for Prophecy Tablets.
4. Brutal Season, "Winter's Fest," is here!
5. "Peak Ranked Match" starts. Multiple Partner teams compete for victory!

1. Enhanced Artifacts, "Blood Ring" and "Winter's Touch."
2. Modified Ancestral Altar's reward mechanism.
Nov 16, 2022
1. New Partner "Monk Chadric" arrives.
2. Thanksgiving events are here!
3. Real Time Duel (Season 17) starts November 27th.

1. Improved the process of teleporting between servers during Strongest Barbarian.
2. Optimized the order items are displayed in your Items.
3. Weeping Dragoness added to Amethyst Turtle Partner pools; Sworddevil added to Diamond Magic Turtle's Partner pool; Cha-Cha added to Golden Magic Turtle Partner pools.
Nov 9, 2022
- Fixed some minor bugs
Oct 11, 2022
- Fixed some minor bugs
Sep 21, 2022
- New Partner, Babur the Tiger King, arrives.
- Autumn Harvest events coming soon.

- Improved the selection method for Super Servers.
- Enhanced the effects of Dice of Destiny and Mask of the Ascetic.
- Arctic Knight added to Amethyst Turtle Partner pools; Syren the Mermaid added to Diamond Magic Turtle's Partner pool; Bape added to Golden Magic Turtle Partner pools.
Sep 7, 2022
- Syren the Mermaid skin, "Savior of the Sea," is here!
- Ancestral Dragon skin, "First Ruler," arrives with a vengeance!
- Brutal Season returns!
- 6th Awakening now available for Weeping Dragonness.

- Optimized the start time and scheduling of Ranked Match and Elite Ranked Match across all servers.
- Optimized certain exchange items in the Fish Market.
Aug 29, 2022
- Mid-Autumn Festival event coming soon.
- New outpost decoration, "Supreme Autumn Leaves" coming soon.
- Featured Partners back for a limited time. Take your pick of Sworddevil, Thana the Vampire, Yin, and Valkyrie Hill.

- Ancient War Spirits added to Monster Invasion rewards.
Aug 14, 2022
1. Ancestral Dragon Talents now available.
2. New Flamen, Goddess of Dawn - Eos, arrives soon.
3. 4-Star Equipments coming soon.

1. Barbarian Packs added to Energy Towers.
2. Improved the resetting of Heavenly Fury.
3. Optimized Artifacts "Dauntless Helmet" and "Quirky Smile."
4. Modified the contents of certain packs in the store.
Aug 1, 2022
1. New Legendary 5-Star Partner, "Voodoo Specter" arrives.
2. Qixi Festival event coming soon!
3. Thana the Vampire, Weeping Dragoness, and Prophet added to Amethyst, Diamond, and Golden Magic Turtle pools, respectively.
4. Honor Flags and Honor Marks added to 7-Day Supply Packs.

1. Improved the rules for attacking Totems.
2. Added Dragon Crystal rewards to each tier of Smilodon Attack.
Jul 17, 2022
1. 6th Anniversary Celebration event coming soon to Brutal Land.
2. New march special effect, "Flaming Dragon Crest" available soon.
3. 6th Awakening now available for 5-Star Partner, "Arctic Knight."

1. Changed calendar and event access icons on the main interface.
2. Players can now discard merchandise as needed before a cross-server battle starts.
Jul 3, 2022
-Expansion of the Cross-Server Barbarian War game mode: New Energy Tower feature added.
-The World Blessings buff will be active on some servers.
-Upgraded Stronghold Gift Chests.
-New outpost decorations.
-Featured partners return: Syren the Mermaid, Titan Golk, Isyduchess, and Valor the Tusk.

- A new cross-server buff is added to totems that will be active for all cross-server events.
-Improved the Month Card's content.
Jun 21, 2022
- Fixed some minor bugs
Jun 5, 2022
- New Partner Sworddevil coming soon.
- Timesphere added to Brutal Challenge rewards.

- Titan Golk, Arctic Knight, Desert Prince added to Amethyst, Diamond, Golden Magic Turtle pools.
- Expanded attack range of Warchief Skill, Heavenly Fury.
- Sort War Patterns by quality when selling them.
- 5-Star Partner Shards added to Blue Shell Shop, Adventure, Clan Hunt, Clan Donation, Old Bald Smithy.
May 22, 2022
- Dragon Boat Festival events coming soon.
- Ragehorn and Thana the Vampire skins are here!
- 6th Awakening now available for Thana the vampire.
- "Refining Stones" and other items added to Temple packs.
- You can now link multiple third-party accounts.

- Get more War Pattern Coupons in the War Pattern shop and a higher chance of winning the buy-one-get-one discount!
- Optimized matching functions for cross-server gameplays.
May 9, 2022
- Outpost decoration, "Supreme Mirrored Cave."
- Featured Partners return: Weeping Dragoness, Yin, Rockwell, Blind Judge.
- Batch modify terrains.
- Link accounts with email and phone numbers.

- Calculations for gathering points in "Postwar Recovery."
- Logic for triggering attack compensation and amount of resources included.
- Improved the map thumbnail to quickly locate trade queues.
- You can now reclaim Immanuel Shards.
April 25, 2022
- 4-Star Ancient Treasure.
- New Flamen "God of Water - Ahura."
- International Workers' Day events starting soon.
- A few old servers' gameplays were synced with server 669.
- Hunting Season event.
- Bloodstones added to Discount Store.

- Increased the number of reward tiers in Strongest Barbarian.
- Adjusted Brutal Challenge rewards.
March 28, 2022
- Ancestors' Day event.
- New march effect.
- Messenger of Destiny skin "King of Aces."
- 6th Awakening now open for Titan Golk.
- New Privilege: Increases Wish Points production speed.
- Ursa Huntress added to Golden/Ancient/Legend Magic Turtles summons.

- Adjusted Totem tax income allocation and amount of merchandise.
- March queues now divided into troop and merchant queues.
- Increased the return speed of merchant queues.
March 14, 2022
- Mini game added to Bluebird event portal.
- Outpost decoration "Supreme Spring Town."
- Featured Partners back for a limited time: Arctic Knight, Thana the Vampire, Woody, and Marionette.

- A server's Immigration "manager" can now relocate servers when their Temple is occupied by an enemy server.
- Refreshing items in the Blue Shell store now costs Blue Shells instead of Gems.
- Rune Chests moved to Blue Shell store.
February 28, 2022
- 3-Star Equipment now available.
- Introducing new Death Flamen, "Black Blade Morna."

- Optimized Brutal Challenge rewards.
- In the Blue Shell store, refreshing items now costs Blue Shells instead of Gems.
- Optimized personal points and ranking info after leaving a Clan during Smilodon Attack.
February 14, 2022
- New Partner "Weeping Dragoness" arrives.
- Real Time Duel (Season 12) kicks off February 20th.
- All-servers "Wild Hunt" starts.

- "Yin" and "Titan Golk" added to Amethyst and Diamond Magic Turtles' Partner pools.
- "Heavenly Fury" cooldown extended to 7 days.
- Wish Stone added to daily quest rewards.
- Quick access added for Gate of Soul.
- Fixed the farming bug during the cross-server stage of "Strongest Barbarian."
January 21, 2022
- Optimized certain operational experiences
January 17, 2022
1. Spring Festival events starting soon. Introducing Viler & Duller skin and new outpost decoration.
2. Quest system restructured, rewards significantly upgraded.
3. Chaos Swirl opens January 24.
4. 4 - 6th Awakening now available for Rockwell and God of Strength.

1. Trading feature optimized.
2. "Angry Chief" added to Sunday's Summon Runes.
3. Totem buffs no longer take effect during Horde Invasion.
4. Optimized calculation methods for Super Server rankings.
January 4, 2022
- 3-Star Dragon Seals now available.
- New War Flamen, War Tiger - Sor, now available.

- Blaz‘axe added to Golden Magic Turtle/Ancient Magic Turtle/Legend Magic Turtles summons.
- Greatly expanded the variety of packs that can be gifted.
- Improved battle report displays for Ancestral Altar and escorting/looting trading queues.
- Fixed the issue of packs resetting when crossing servers.
December 20, 2021
- New Legendary 5-Star Partner, Arctic Knight, arrives.
- Added free attribute change and other new VIP privileges.
- New Woody skin "Raging Kong."
- "Announcement" added to Mail.
- Real Time Duel (Season 11) starts.

- Improved matching rules for Frostfire Land and Mine Island.
- Enhanced exchange rewards in Frostfire Land.
- "Batch open" function added for Lonely Warrior chests.
- "Claim all" function added for Brutal Challenge EXP.
November 22, 2021
1. 3rd Horde Invasion Elite Tournament starts November 27th.
2. Thanksgiving event coming soon.
3. 6th Awakening now available for Valkyrie Hill and Messenger of Destiny.
4. Outpost decoration, "Supreme Squirrel Hut," available soon.

1. Horde Invasion Elite Tournaments now ranked by Sacrifice points. Number of Warchief skills doubled.
2. Flamen interface optimized.
3. Fixed the issue of purchased packs resetting after teleporting between servers.
November 8, 2021
1. 3-Star Treasures now available.
2. New Flamen "Fredda" arrives.
3. Purple Flamen exchange now available in the Faith Store.

1. Optimized wounded units produced by Warchief Skill "Heavenly Fury."
2. Optimized Monster Hunter display in the Stronghold.
3. Smilodon Attack: added two new Smilodon lairs; shortened event duration and increased rewards.

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