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Developer: Photon Tadpole Studios
Category: Simulation, Casual
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Draw and Color your own town and create your own game world out if it. Draw on paper with your own colors and just click a picture of these to put them in the game


Play as Lila while she visits her Granny's Town for the summer. There are lots of things to discover in this Town where Granny lives. Explore the family home, read a book in the family library or have a tea party in the living room. Play the piano in the Music room or Cook almost any dish you can think of in the Kitchen. While you explore, don’t forget to look for the many secrets of the house. Now what could Granny be hiding?

Not only can you play in Grandma's house but you can draw and create your own worlds too. Use real paper and colors to draw new characters, scenes, food, objects and a lot more
You can also create your own Zoo or Jungle scene. Draw 'Toca' the Toucan, 'Boca' the Bear', 'Miga' the Mouse or 'Yoya the Yak' and create a beautiful jungle scene

Coming soon: browse all the different worlds created by all the imaginative kids out there.

Draw My Town, Play in my Play Home, Draw My City and Build My World

🥳 Draw a fun birthday party
🌳 Or draw the park to play gacha with your friends
🏴‍☠️ Draw a Pirate Ship and sail the seas
🏖 Or just have fun day at the beach with your family
🦜🐻🐭 Or draw your own Toca, Boca, Yoya and Miga

Now Design your own Home with the Cozy Home scene and the Modern House scene too. Use these tools and share your design with your friends.

In “Lila’s Word” there are no rules and no goals. Playing is as easy as tapping and dragging the characters to move them around so that different real world situations can be recreated. Make sure to check the Kitchen to find hundreds of recipes. Find lots of new ingredients by Playing Gacha

Brand new Scenes are now open in My Town
- Lila, Ro and all Kids can play in the School now
- Make Lila play Doctor at the Clinic
- Buy Groceries at the Grocery Store
- Go and have a nice Fancy Dinner at the Fancy Restaurant

Exploring is key in Lila’s world so make sure you check all the different areas of the game. There are many secrets hidden all around Grandma’s house and in the town too, so the more you explore, the more you will find

In the Create section, users are encouraged to create their own scenes. Use the Create button to add your own items into the game. If you want your favorite toy in the game just make a drawing of it, take a picture from the Create menu and you can have it right in the game with you. Do you want to enter the game yourself? No problem, just make a drawing of yourself and enter the game directly. Maybe you want a different home to play in but you don’t want to draw it yourself. We’ve got you covered there too. Coming soon, you can just browse our Online Gallery and you can download any one else’s scenes and play in it. Don’t worry, it’s all perfectly safe with our team of world class moderators reviewing and approving only the best scenes for everyone

New Scenes every month. Learn about the following:
- 🌟 Different festivals from around the world
- 🏫 A New City to explore
- 🏘 A trip down your neighborhood

"Lila's World" is absolutely safe for kids. Even while we allow kids to play with other kid's creations from around the world, we make sure all our content is moderated and nothing is approved without getting approved first. We collect no personal information and your can play completely offline if you want as well

You can find our Terms of Use here:

You can find our Privacy Policy here:

This App has no Social Media links.

If you have any questions, you can email us at [email protected]

Version history

- Bug fixes and optimizations
- Bug fixes and optimizations
- Bug fixes and optimizations
- Randomize your create studio scene with different wallpapers and floors
- More Bug fixes and Optimizations
- Improved the tutorial flow to unlock scenes earlier
- Pick images from your device gallery and create your DIY scenes
- Draw on any Drawing App and use your drawings to create your scenes
- New video links
- More bug fixes
- Critical Bug Fix in Online Gallery
- Online Gallery Loads faster now
- 60 FPS on devices that support
- Additional bug fixes and optimizations
- All Online Gallery Scenes are now FREE!
- Character uploading and sharing fixed
- More Bug fixes and Optimizations
Feb 1, 2023
- Download Unlimited Scenes from other creators
- Now you can share all your created drawings
- Also share your Created Scenes with everyone
- Create and Upload your own characters, objects and scenes
Nov 15, 2022
- Bug fixes and optimizations
Oct 21, 2022
- Bug fixes and Major optimizations
- Better UI for DIY
- New Salon Scene Now Available
Oct 2, 2022
Huge NEW Update now available!
- NEW method for accessing characters
- NEW method for making DIY Scenes
- NEW way to setup Home Design scenes
- Access all Home Design assets in your DIY scenes
- Mix and Match any Home assets in any Home Design scene and make your best House Ever!
Sep 9, 2022
- Fixed major crashing bugs
- Higher stability
- Fewer Ads
Aug 6, 2022
Some bug fixes and optimization
Jul 28, 2022
Some bug fixes and optimization
Jul 11, 2022
Some bug fixes and optimization
Jun 20, 2022
- Some bug fixes and optimization
- Fixes for Ads
May 27, 2022
- Some bug fixes and optimization
- Fixes for Ads
- Added additional subscription options
- Added Ads to play All scenes for free
- Additional bug fixes and optimizations
May 16, 2022
- Added additional subscription options
- Added Ads to play All scenes for free
- Additional bug fixes and optimizations
April 19, 2022
- Huge new update now available
- FREE scenes in Create mode
- FREE Grocery Scene
- New Map available
- New Grandma's House blueprint now available
- User Created Scenes to download are Coming Soon
February 24, 2022
- Reduced download file size
January 14, 2022
- Bug fixes and optimizations
December 17, 2021
Huge Update Now Available
- New Home Design Feature Added
- New Map screen added
- New Scenes coming Soon
- Choosing Characters and objects UI improved
- Create and Share your Home Design scenes
- Bug Fixes and Optimizations
October 10, 2021
- Now Buy each scene separately
- Bug fixes and optimization

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