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Retro Bowl is the perfect game for the armchair quarterback to finally prove a point. Presented in a glorious retro style, the game has simple roster management, including press duties and the handling of fragile egos, while on the field you get to call the shots. Can you pass the grade and take your team all the way to the ultimate prize? Can you win the Retro Bowl?

Version history

- Added ability to use edited Team setups (names, uniforms, and current strengths) from Career Mode in Exhibition Mode (Unlimited Version required).
- Added ability to use Star Players from Career Mode in Exhibition Mode (Unlimited Version required).
- Edited Conference/Division names are now also reset by the master 'Restore All Teams' option in the Team Editor.
- Fix for a crash affecting users who had not selected a Head Coach image on earlier versions.
Additional bug fixes.
Mar 6, 2023
Fixed no-star QBs getting 3 audibles in franchise mode
Bowl history updated
Lowest FA age increased
Touchback kneel fix

Fixed team rating when picking same team as save slot
Fixed conference names after using edited save slot
"Exhibition" displayed on replays
Fixed incorrect drive direction in single player
Fixed not seeing 4th down or punt option in OT
Play-off OT rules
Fixed Touchback when player OOB in EZ from KO
Interception in EZ results in a touchback
"Game Over" messaging fix
Feb 7, 2023
Added exhibition games with local 2 player mode
Fixed HOF players disappearing
Fixed kicker XP attempts not affecting fan rating
Clock usage tweak
Tweaked CPU field goal success
Updated team ratings (thanks RetroBitCoach)
Jan 4, 2023
Dec 6, 2022
Fixed playoff overtime not ending correctly
QB won't kneel when close to goal line
QB game rating tweaked
TE game rating tweaked
RBMVP award tweaked
Can see multiple DPOY medals on player card
Separated kicker PAT stats from FG stats (from this point onwards)
Can use a time-out to change between 1pt/2pt attempt
Fixed non-existent gamepad being recognised on Android
Oct 24, 2022
Fixed overtime issues
Fixed commentary color during action
QB tackled not a sack if running
QB slide now a kneel if behind scrimmage
Slight oline buff when fielding OL star players
Defensive players can jump on Extreme
Defensive player speed slightly increased on Extreme
Capped maximum fan hit at 15%
Tipped catches count as a completed pass
Fixed overtime safety crash
Fixed AllowBackups
Oct 12, 2022
Fixed fumble issue
Sim: Fixed QB cmp over 100%
Sim: Fixed TE and RB not getting passing TDs
Sim: Fixed 100+ yards records
Fixed exceptional morale icon on boss profile
Fixed player sort on restart screen
Lower chance of Kicker RB MVP
Commentary colour represents team in possession
Updated celebration screen
Fixed tackle for loss
Fixed OT errors
Fixed stars on stat screens
Fixed seeding error in divisional round
Fixed opposition offense issues
Sep 29, 2022
Added Head Coach image and profile
Can edit player images
Added player attribute buffs
Can sim games
Renewing 5 star coach contract triggers achievement
Coaches won't retire under contract
Added Retro Bowl MVP award
Sacks don't count as rush attempts
OL fan appreciation increased
Added attribute buff information
Can change mind after choosing field goal with a timeout
Team strengths and unis updated (thanks @RetroBitCoach)
New OT rule for post-season
Added WR hitch route
Added sim match history
May 18, 2022
Fixed free agent crash
Fixed touchback/safety issue
Fixed apostrophes in player names
Fixed total of/df on review screen
May 19, 2022
Tweaked running game
Toned crowd noise down
Added return stats
Tweaked CPU going for it
Fixed restore game restart cheat
Can use a backup player as a kick returner
Fixed bye week erasing previous game stats
Possible fix for incorrect division sort
New achievements:
-Complete 20 seasons
-Pass for 500 yards in a game
-100% pass completion in a game
-25y kick return
-50y kick return
-75y kick return
-Score a TD return
April 5, 2022
Added kickoff returns (unlimited only)
Added replay controls
Added gameplay pause
Updated gamepad controls
Fixed incorrect onside kick chance
Updated crowd sounds
Added 1st down kneel celebration
Fixed CPU punting when losing in overtime
Fixed OT rules regarding field goals
Added tutorial fail messages
Overtime coin flip tweaked (50/50 on Extreme)
Fixed QB not being sacked for more than 5 yards
Updated Retro Bowl history
Updated team strengths
December 17, 2021
Fixed tutorial fail when driving right
Fixed kicking cheat
Fixed editing of division and conference names
Fixed zoom when kicking
Fixed kicker not getting tackled
Fixed clock stopping on 4th down conversion
Fixed league report screen buttons
November 23, 2021
Added QB slide anim
Fixed player game rating issue
Fixed 16-0 achievement description
Clock stops for turnover on downs
CPU won't onside kick when tied
Fixed inverse stamina issue
Bullet throws easier to complete
Save system updated
Other games and links screen added
Fixed PS label on W18 load slot
October 6, 2021
Fixed XR juking issues
Continue button doesn't need to be pressed
Field goal range extended to 66 yards
Fixed 16-0 achievement
Updated stadium roof types
More chance of poor catchers dropping ball
Updated AI onside kick logic

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