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Microsoft Defender is a unified online security app for your work and personal life. Use Microsoft Defender for individuals1 at home and on the go. For work, Microsoft Defender for Endpoint helps organizations around the world stay more secure.

Sign-in with your personal account1 to access features for Microsoft Defender for individuals. Sign-in with your work2 account to access features for Microsoft Defender for Endpoint.

Microsoft Defender for individuals
Seamlessly protect your data and devices with Microsoft Defender.1 You and your family can easily manage your online security in one app with notifications, expert recommendations, and security tips designed to help you stay safer online. Microsoft Defender for individuals requires a Microsoft 365 Personal or Family subscription.

Seamless security management
• A centralized dashboard to check your security status and everyone in your family
• See your and your family’s cross-device protections in one place
• Easily add or remove your favorite devices and personal data for you and your family

Safeguard your devices
• Malware protection for you and your family’s devices against new and existing threats
• Continuously scans your device to protect against malware, spyware, and ransomware threats

Protect your personal data and identity(Available in US)
• Monitors the web for threats to your identity and personal information
• Alerts you if personal information is compromised or at risk
• Expert guidance is available to help you recover and restore your stolen identity

Stay informed and stay safer
• Get real-time alerts to stay up to date about changes to your security status and your family members’ statuses
• Take recommended actions to help keep your personal data and devices secure
• View alerts and cross-device activity history from the past 30 days.

1If you are an individual, please login with your personal Microsoft account. Microsoft Defender for individuals requires a Microsoft 365 Family or Personal subscription.

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint
Microsoft Defender for Endpoint is an industry-leading, cloud-powered endpoint security solution that helps to secure against ransomware, file-less malware, and other sophisticated attacks across platforms. Our comprehensive solution helps to rapidly stop attacks, scale your security resources, and evolve your defenses.
Microsoft Defender uses accessibility services to automatically block malicious web pages that may be accessed via links from SMS, messaging apps, browsers, and email.

Rapidly stop threats
Gain the upper hand against sophisticated threats like ransomware, fileless attacks, and nation state threats.

Scale your security
Put time back in the hands of defenders to prioritize risks and elevate your security posture.

Evolve your defenses
Advance beyond endpoint silos and mature your security based on a foundation for XDR and Zero Trust.

2If you are a member of a business or organization, you need to login with your company email when you install Microsoft Defender on your devices. Commercial and business features of this app require a Microsoft 365 E3, E5, Microsoft Defender for Endpoint P1, P2, Microsoft 365 Defender for Business license, or a Microsoft 365 Business Premium subscription. If you are not sure about your company’s license or subscription, contact your IT department.

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