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Developer: Droupnir Entertainment Limited.
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Have you ever spent a whole night planning your next move? Have you ever been so fascinated by a historical event that you read the same Wikipedia article about it three times over? Have you ever dreamt of building your own empire?

If so, you’ll love Game of Empires!
In GOE, you can choose a civilization with whom you can explore a world you're free to conquer. In doing so, you can establish an empire and immerse yourself in different multilayered stories as you discover ancient civilizations, all while setting forth on an epic expedition towards the fabled Atlantis!
Whether you wish to forge diplomatic ties in a bid to peacefully form alliances or throw yourself into military ventures in an attempt to ruthlessly expand your empire, you'll always have the chance to make history, for better or for worse.

★Choose your own civilization
At the start of your journey, you'll have the chance to choose from one of several different civilizations, each of which can utilize unique buildings, soldier types, and buffs.

★Establish and develop an empire
While there's no telling precisely what you might have to resort to when establishing your empire, you'll undoubtedly need to recruit villagers, build farms, and conduct research on new technology if you're to survive through different eras. What's more, you'll need to crush any barbarians that may wish to stand in your way as well as trade with those villagers willing to help as you prepare your soldiers to conquer the world!

★Recruit historical legends
From Julius Caesar to Genghis Khan to Joan of Arc, Game of Empires will offer you the opportunity to recruit a whole host of legendary historical legends in your bid to forge an empire.
The well-orchestrated epic campaigns on offer in this game will allow you to travel back in time and immerse yourself in the stories of extraordinary figures. In doing so, you'll be afforded the opportunity to learn first-hand about the tactical decisions that shaped their successes.

★Engage in real-time battles
By allowing you to issue real-time commands in your bid to crush your enemies, you'll be afforded the ultimate opportunity to put your tactical prowess to the ultimate test! Only by exploiting the terrain you find yourself on and the weaknesses of the units directly in front of you will you be able to achieve victory in the face of often-overwhelming odds.

★Gradually expand your territory
Should you have what it takes to capture the world's foremost wonders, wrest control of maritime hubs, and take on the ultimate challenge, there's no limit to what you can accomplish. Indeed, every part of the world presented to you is arable land ready to be conquered, be it the plains, the hills, the snow-topped mountains, or the high seas.

★Form an alliance
Forge alliances with those willing to support your bid to build an empire!

★★Official Community★★

Version history

1. Optimized Ruins Occupation:
a. Added limit to the number of raid attempts.
b. Optimized the map display for easier searching.
c. Added Barbarian guards.
1. Optimized Ruins Occupation:
a. Added limit to the number of raid attempts.
b. Optimized the map display for easier searching.
c. Added Barbarian guards.
1. Optimized Ruins Occupation:
a. Added limit to the number of raid attempts.
b. Optimized the map display for easier searching.
c. Added Barbarian guards.
New features (Resource pre-load. The new events are estimated to be available towards the end of May):

1. The Korea Launch Event : Complete quests to earn Sailing Flags, steer the Turtle Ship to sail through dangerous waters for rewards. The event will also feature new hero Yi Sun-sin, a new Korean-themed Town Hall, and Frontier Camp Skin.
-fix some bugs
New Feature:
Desert War will be added to the game!
Feb 9, 2023
1. Valentine Events: The Valentine events will be available next week. Finish quests to obtain Chocolate, which can be used for earning abundant rewards. You may also earn Roses from multiple drop sources during daily gameplay, which can also help you win rewards!
Jan 17, 2023
1. Spring Festival Events: The Spring Festival events will be available after the update. Acquire the event item - Brush by finishing Daily Quests and use it to claim a massive amount of rewards.
Meanwhile, you may acquire Red Packs from a variety of drop sources. Use your Red Packs in the Caishen's Temple for heavy rewards.
Fix some bugs

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